Thursday, July 21, 2016

Free Training the Podcast is coming

Hello fellow tradesman  this has been a busy summer and we are getting very close to launching our new podcast. again those of you that do not know what a podcast is it is like a radio show but on the internet. we have just launched a new website at which will have all the details. Also make sure you send us your topics for discussion also and we can include in upcoming episodes. The launch for our new show will be available to listen online or download on Friday August 5th.  we will do a new show every week. These will include topics such as how to grow in your career, How to increase you worth and your pay to your company, How to start your own business (not as easy as you may think but if you have the drive can be rewarding) dispel some myths and learn some truths about working the daily grind, and many other topics for the working class. stay tuned and in the mean time drop us a line at and like us on Facebook at . Help us get the word out. Free Training we like free right. Take care and remember to Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Things Coming

It has been a while but it does not mean we haven't been busy,so here is a quick update. We have been working on some new things. First we have just published the new 2014 Electrical code in Virginia and Oklahoma and it now has full audio. You spoke and we listened. We are working on the HVAC, Plumbing and the Fuel/Gas code to bring audio to those as well.  We are also looking at starting a podcast which will provide you with ways to grow in the trade and move up the ladder. I know the jobs are always bad, the pay stinks, its to hot, its to cold, but hey the grass is not greener on the other side and most of you don't have 4 years of student loans in the thousands of dollars either.
If you have any topics you would like us to discuss simply drop us a line at Stay tuned for times and the opening show.
As always
Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Future of Tradesman continued

Well I am back again. I want to try and continue with the topic of the future of Tradesman. Last time we spoke of the lack of training and today I spent some time with a former student that is seeking to grow in the trade. So many times there are so many choices, yet you may feel there are no choices. In reality the choice is up to you. If you are happy with the statuesque and do not want to continue Surging Foward in our lives, how can you expect to gain respect in the trade, make more money in the trade, be promoted in the trade, get that really cool task on the job site, or any other  goal you want in life. The road to success is not always easy but it is not hard either. The opportunities are there but it requires that you step forward to take on the challenge. With that said a few things to keep in mind. You will fail, yes that it what I said you will fail at times, but you will also succeed. So many people are afraid to move forward because they may fail. If that was the case and you never continue to Surge Forward you would have never learned to ride a bike, How about even learning to walk, or play sports. Think about where you are in the trade you work at. Ever made a mistake? The real question is what did you learn from falling off the bike? What did you learn about not doing the task on the job the way it was explained. Maybe you wanted to do it your way. Maybe you should have asked  one more question. Maybe you ask too many questions and need to do some research yourself. Boy I wish I had google when I was younger. I could have avoided a lot of mistakes. The point is we learn much more ( or we should be learning ) from our mistakes than when we get it right accidentally and deep down we have no idea how we got it done. Now the real question is what can you learn from others mistakes and also keep them Surging Forward.
Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The future of Tradesman

Hello Fellow Tradesman it has been a while since we have posted on here on our blog. Not that we haven't been busy but there has been a lot going on. Virginia is now on the 2011 National electrical code for those that are wondering. We have also been working on new code update courses and have expanded into Texas and Oklahoma. Our main focus this year has been on learning to start an organization. I have been talking to a lot of tradesman and the one thing that seems to be lacking is a platform for training. With this in mind I am hoping to create an organization for tradesman that is geared toward helping recruit as well as grow tradesman for increasing their skills. Almost everyone wants to make more money in the field but very few really know how. What are you doing to increase your skill set? There are many resources out there that can help you succeed. A good source of electrical information is he has a wealth of information for electricians from tradesman to estimating and even teaching. Only you can be in charge of how well you do in the trade. There are still many opportunities to make a very good living. No you may not become a millionaire but you may if you start your own business. When you work for a contractor remember profit margins are very tight in today's world. The more valuable you make yourself the more likely you will make a better wage. So I have provided a lot of things to think about in a short time. So do your research, grow yourself and let me know how we can grow together. Until next time
Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

Friday, March 21, 2014

March Maddness/2011code is Coming

March madness is here and boy has it been a long winter.  I for one cant wait till summer. Speaking of summer, wanted to get the word out about some of the changes coming up in Virginia.  It looks like the state will adopt the 2011 NEC code. The Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code is slated to go in effect July 2014. There have been a lot of changes in the 2011 NEC from the 2008 NEC. We have not been on the 2008 NEC very long, but it seemed like we were on the 2005 NEC for a long time. The process takes many meetings for the boards to approve all the changes in Richmond, they listen to a lot of input from people like you and I. So if you like; you can get involved.  Your input does count.
One of the big changes is that the continuing education is still required for renewing your tradesman license. The requirements remain at 3 hours forElectrical, HVAC/Mechanical, and Plumbing.  Fuel/Gas requires only one hour. Many of you I have heard; get upset that the state requires you to be up to date on the new codes. Codes are updated to meet technology changes and new equipment types that continually come out on the market. Well, as we all know the codes are not an instruction manual on how to be a tradesman, but they are there to insure a safe installation for those that use HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Gas systems. Keeping up with the codes not only keeps you as a tradesman abreast of the changes it also allows you to provide the safest and most up to date installation to your customers. Face it, there are many people who claim to be a qualified tradesman, but then we hear of the damage that is done to people’s homes, and in many cases lives.  The so called qualified tradesman take dangerous short cuts to make it work and charge high dollar for shoddy work.
You should be advertizing your license showing your qualifications, giving your customers piece of mind. Face it most people have no idea of how their systems work in their home. They go to the local big box store and read a book for 15 minutes and think they are an expert. Now I am not saying that licensed tradesman never do shoddy work but most understand the true dangers to life safety and would not risk putting their customers lives at risk doing work that is directly against code.
Many States require 8-20 hours of education every two years. The real question is, do we get enough education to stay ahead of the curve. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes; do you think they would rather have a qualified person. Though the non-license tradesman is cheaper and asks the homeowner to pull a permit because he can’t or he sends in helpers he hired off the street, when they collect the money and the gas leak causes their home to explode, how much did they really save? Would you want a person that stayed at a motel overnight and read about heart surgery perform surgery on you? I think not; so let’s put quality and respect back in all the trades as we keep Surging Forward.
Well bye for now and remember Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Where Do I Go From Here?

Hello fellow Tradesman,
As I write this post I am really seeking on the next steps of helping fellow tradesman and men from all career walks. Yes I know there are many women out there and they actually make some of the best skilled workers in the construction industry. But this post is focused on the men of the trade. As I talk with many out there today, there seems to be a fight between giving up and pushing forward. It is getting harder and harder for men to keep pushing because we have created a culture in which men feel that they have to handle issues alone. If one seeks help he is considered a failure. This is so far from the truth. Men have always come together in groups, bands of brothers, the gang, the football game, even during war. Men fight and tackle the tough issues as a team. Have you ever seen a one man football team? I dont think so. The best way to grow and survive is through being mentored by other men. None of us can say we learned the skills of the trade entirely on our own. Someone had to teach us and mentor us , even if it was only for a short time. We can all think of people in our lives that have had a positive and a negative impact on us. Do you know where you are going in life? Do you have any goals in your life? Are you on the career path you want?, Do you know how to even get on the career path you want?, Do you have the relationship you want with your girlfriend or spouse?, Do you even know how to have a relationship? These are hard questions that you may not even want to ask yourself but if you don't, you will be heading in the wrong direction of even just burying your self in a video game hoping that none of these real issues will ever effect me. For this post I am just really pushing you to think on some real issues that effect all men whether you believe it or not. You see it does not matter if you believe it or not it can and will keep you from succeeding and having that positive life if you do not address these and many other issues about life. . If you are in the Hampton Roads area drop by our website and send us an email. Visit our Mens Fraternity page and try come by one of the free teachings held a YNOT Pizza where we as men get together and talk.
Our website is  Take charge today one way or another, read a book on leadership, challenge yourself. Make a change move forward. Never quit. Stand firm.No what you believe and why. Many men have done this and even created Nations, That will you do
Well by for now
Stay safe and keep Surging Forward