Wednesday, October 19, 2016

There is help for tradesman

Hello fellow tradesman,
Been a very busy week I just got back from a code update course for the 2017 code. I will be sharing some of this for you in the future.
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Well this one is short gotta run Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thank you!!

Hello again fellow tradesman and others in the working class,
I wanted to start out this blog with  a great big Thank You to all of you that continue to keep working day in and day out. I don't think we hear that as much as we should. All of us spend 6 to 14 hours a day making money for someone else and never feel like we are getting anywhere. I want to assure you that you are. The job you do does make a difference in someone life which is not only your boss. The job you do makes a difference to anyone that is effected by the actual completion of whatever task you do. How you react to any given situation can and does make a difference to the community, you city, you state,and maybe even worldwide. we all struggle with the day to day grind one of the hardest things we deal with is the person on the job that never gives thanks to anyone. They are the ones that claim and act as if they know everything. That is what this weeks podcast episode is about the know it all. If you would like to continue to learn how you can make a difference and grow you career than this episode will bring you back to the basics. I would also encourage you to let me know the issues that effect you in  your daily walk. drop is a comment below of simply drop us an email at
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Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

When Will Virginia be on the 2017 Electrical Code?

I have been getting a lot of questions lately regarding as to when Virginia will adopt the 2014 electrical code. The concern I here from other electricians is that the 2017 electrical code will be out soon and many are not even sure as to what code we are on. States adopt the code in various ways depending on the State you live in.Virginia is based on the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code or USBC. The USBC is broken down into 3 parts and became effective as of July 14 2014 they are as follows:

2012 Virginia Construction Code USBC Part 1
2012 Virginia Rehabilitation Code USBC Part 2
2012 Virginia Maintenance Code USBC Part 3
2012 Errata to the Virginia Building and Fire Regulations
You may click on the links above if you would like to download a copy

You will find the code adoption in the section in the 2012 Virginia Construction code 101.2 Incorporation by reference Note 1: The IBC references other International Codes and standards including the following major codes:
2012 International Plumbing Code (IPC)
2012 International Mechanical Code (IMC)
2011 NFPA 70
2012 International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC)
2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)
2012 International Residential Code (IRC)

So as you can see, we are currently still on the 2011 electrical code
You can go to the state website and review the process as you will see it is quite long.
Click here 2015 code cycle 
So when we be on the 2014 electrical code ? I am not sure I have heard that it could be as early as July of 2017, but based on the schedule, I read on the site it may not be until July 2018.
So that is in short how you as a Virginia electrician can stay up to date. In today's world we have access to so much information and training that with a few clicks you can usually find the information you need. Speaking of training, I plan on making some short code courses ( 15 to 20 mins long) that will help you learn the code by understanding how to use the code not just memorize questions and articles. Understanding how to use it will make the code one of the most valuable tools in your tool belt. (Well of course you can't carry it on you any more, since it has become quite large these days) The whole purpose of the code is safety for all the non electricians that think it is just magic. So when install for others remember that is what we do keep others safe. If you would may be interested in this let me know by leaving a comment below. Also feel free to pass this post along by sharing in your facebook, electrical group or even email. Don't forget to subscribe to our surging forward podcast on ITUNES or STITCHER. For those that don]t know what that is you can go to our website at
Until next Time Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bragging is not the best way

Hello fellow Tradesman out there.
Over the years I have heard so many people brag about all the things they have done. It is one thing to share about a great accomplishment, but it is quite another to make up stories to make you sound more important. What does that do to ones integrity?
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Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

Friday, September 9, 2016

Giving Your Word

How important is it to keep your word? Trust is something that seems to have gone by the way side. Seems everyone is looking for an angle. Lying in today's workplace has become the norm in order to get ahead. Don't fall into this trap. Your word is the most powerful attribute you have. If you cannont keep your word it is sometimes best to say no. Your integrity will keep your fellow workers, and/or clients if you have a business watching your back instead of worrying about  whats next. Also do keep company with those that do not have integrity the fal can come very quickly.
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Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Episode 4 of the Surgingforward podcast

Well hello again fellow tradesman out there. Been a busy few weeks. We have just published our 4 episode of our new podcast. The title is the 3 R's Respect, Reliability, and Responsibility. Go to to listen. This show talks about haw to get respect. Do we deserve respect or is it earned something to think about as we strive to grow in our careers. There is a lot happening in our world today and if you are demanding that people respect you than you may not actual deserve it. Just saying respect is something that we must earn on a daily basis and depends on how we are treating others. Leadership is a skill that must continue to be developed. There are many people who at one time were great leaders but the power went to there head and they now abuse the position. These leaders have lost the respect from those that follow . You than have those that work under strictly under fear and nor dedication. Well I need to get ready for the new year. I am working on lesson plans for the upcoming Apprenticeship classes. A new 3rd year class.
So I will leave you with this question What are you doing to help others have a better life, it is not about money, but maybe just a kind word.
Drop us a topic you want discussed on the podcast, at or just leave us a comment below, in the mean time, Stay Safe and Keep Surging Foward.

Monday, August 8, 2016

The Podcast is little late but it's up and running

Hello Surging Forward members, friends, and future fans,
We were a little late but we got the podcast up and going last night. I did not realize all the actual startup work, but I am sure we will be tweaking it here and there. Special thanks too my sons best friend for setting everything up.
You can check out the the new podcast at
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The first podcast is an introduction into our first series of discussions. Again feel free to send us your comments on what we can do better. We are new to this but hoping we can help all of us to surge  forward in this hectic world. Even this week end I could not believe how fast time went by.
Well I am going to sign off for now as even I have to work the day to day grind. Remember to pass the word and share with your fellow workers Until next time, Stay Safe and Keep Surging Forward.